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Ram Sales

 Ashgrove Ram Sales

The 2018 auction was held on 16th November.  There was a high quality crop of 2017 born rams, which we had assessed very thoroughly before deciding on our final line up for the auction. The average price was $1431 per head at auction.

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Ashgrove 2 tooth rams are auctioned on-farm in November each year. Many clients like the auction, as clients have the chance to see all the rams on offer and equal opportunity to purchase their preferred rams.

Private Treaty – Waikato Based Ram Sales

A new initiative for the 2018 year is offering rams for sale via private treaty at an on-farm venue near Putararu, Waikato. Many of our southern clients are finding the drive north to our ram auction less pleasant with worsening Auckland traffic. This sale will be conducted in the last week of November two weeks after our on-farm auction. The selling method is using a traditional pick system where clients elect which pricing bracket they wish to buy rams in. Rams are provided in four groups based on index ranking and we aim to provide a 3:1 ratio for clients to select from:

Prices start from $750 + GST per ram with the top rams available at $1,100

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2014 Ram sale morning

“Our whole business philosophy is about partnering with sheep breeders, and together aspiring for excellence in sheep farming. Partnering is about trust based relationships that are enduring and mutually beneficial. We work hard at cultivating these and we seek constant feedback to improve what we do.” James Parsons