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2018 Sale Line Up - Coopworth Rams available via Private Treaty

2018 Private Treaty Rams

The 2018 auction was held on farm on Friday 16th November. A quality line up of our elite 2 tooth rams sold at an average of $1431 per ram to discerning sheep farmers looking to invest in improving their sheep profitability. We always hold back some quality rams to sell via private treaty and these are listed below - their price starts at $800 per head with the higher index rams available at $1100 (prices exclude GST).

Rams are available to view at a farm venue near Putaruru, Waikato for southern clients in the last week of November. We also deliver rams free of charge  within 5 hours drive of Dargaville.

The list of rams below is up to date at the 17th November 2018, and we aim to regularly update this within two days of a ram being sold. The wool grade is listed below under 'Remarks' (S = Strong wool, M = Medium and F = Fine, 7 = Excellent fleece and 5 = Good).  Please email or phone James on 0212063208 to make an appointment to view or order a a ram.

To read about last years auction and the private treaty sale option click here 

To benchmark Ashgrove Coopworth rams on NZ Maternal Worth Index, Beef + Lamb Genetics Ltd posted the ruler below on their website in 2017, and we have added in where the average index of our 2017 Auction rams sat.

Rams in 2018 Sale Line Up - Coopworth Rams available via Private Treaty

Rams ordered by

TagSire TagDPPDPP RankDPR RankDPS RankDPG RankDPA RankDPM RankDPW RankMore
15/17581/1521868391109103111150View Ram
17/17581/151856110104104805414127View Ram
31/17581/151944107806910644196View Ram
43/17581/15180111312212751249124View Ram
58/17130/152063100378084803482View Ram
60/17581/15193710987107108134122View Ram
64/17581/151446125681261184333112View Ram
109/17581/15156812312611512762175View Ram
110/17130/151718118100481011034288View Ram
163/17130/15200210463101727320111View Ram
164/17130/1520719963101666638112View Ram
167/17581/1514661241161221191544128View Ram
168/17581/15202310110811141861984View Ram
181/17130/152086956990917512821View Ram
185/17130/15139612649651251045287View Ram
207/1757/151773116111748211210938View Ram
223/17130/15280316514192274115View Ram
231/1757/1519391081217630122117100View Ram
274/17130/15174711729712110110102View Ram
299/17523/122087948250112307890View Ram
345/17523/1217951146517981205367View Ram
354/17523/121069128112361281114784View Ram
444/17523/1220091031098674726791View Ram
472/17523/121343127123116581268635View Ram
476/17523/12184911210786114322874View Ram
501/17523/12165712112811251958488View Ram
507/17523/12177711543927012311262View Ram
514/17523/122015102115105291147353View Ram
535/17523/1219811057093776596126View Ram
543/17523/121610122119100819383109View Ram
548/17130/1519761069481262762110View Ram
554/17523/12208695105103793857106View Ram
566/17523/12167611977131198975105View Ram
571/17523/12212988598364976349View Ram
639/17523/121662120109891174910792View Ram
642/1750/1518521119670104719352View Ram